Give Goodness Foundation


A nonprofit organization committed to inspiring acts of goodness big and small.

Our mission is to create a ripple effect of good in the world by spreading light, love, and happiness through
Random Acts of Goodness™.

What is a Random Act of Goodness™?

What is a Random Act of Goodness™?

Small acts to uplift someone in need or bring joy to someone's day; big acts that impact someone's life for the better.

We believe that helping others can create a ripple effect of good in the world and inspire others to do the same. Everything from buying a simple cup of coffee to start someone’s day with a smile to helping those struggling to make ends meet can make an impact for good.

The act of helping others is the reason we exist, help us transform the world for good one act at a time.

How it Works


Donate directly on Giving Goodness* or shop on and a donation will be made in your honor.

*Direct donations will open once application is approved.

Giving Goodness Foundation turns 96 cents from every
 dollar donated into Random 
Acts of Goodness.


We believe every Random
 Act of Goodness sparks 
another creating a ripple
 effect of good.


Giving Goodness Mobile on Tour

Spreading Goodness, Mile-by-Mile

We will be traveling the country bringing Random Acts of Goodness to communities all over the U.S. We can’t wait to hit the road soon!

Will we be seeing you?