The Power of Giving Goodness

Born out of Think Goodness®…our mission is to create a ripple effect of good in the world by spreading light, love and happiness through Random Acts of Goodness. The Giving Goodness Foundation is a 501(c)3 that believes by doing Random Acts of Goodness they can have a profound impact on a person’s life and create a ripple effect of good in the world.

What is a Random Act of Goodness™?

The act of helping others is the reason we exist, performing both big and small acts of Goodness alike.

We believe that helping others can create a ripple effect of good and inspire others to do the same.  Everything from buying a simple cup of coffee to start someone’s day,  gifting someone flowers to brighten their week,  paying a compliment to someone or helping those struggling to make ends meet can change lives in ways we can’t even imagine.

How It Works