How We Spread Goodness

What is a Random Act of Goodness?

Have you ever had someone spontaneously pay for your coffee? Or maybe it was receiving a meaningful note from a friend or a generous gift that came at precisely the right moment?

Big or small, there's a fair chance that this one act caused a shift in your day. Maybe it just lifted your spirits or reminded you that you matter. Perhaps it was a life-altering moment that you'll forever feel gratitude for.

Whatever the case, moments like this have a tangible impact. A ripple effect happens when someone makes an effort to give a little goodness because when you are on the receiving end of one of these moments, the impact is real and meaningful, and you feel inspired to do the same for others.

Spreading Goodness

Spreading Goodness through A Random Act of Goodness is a relatively minor thing when considered a standalone act, but pull back from it and look at the ripple effect and you'll see that it's people helping people in big and small ways, across the country and the world every single day. It's a ripple effect of good that can change the world and make people's lives better - and it starts with one random act of goodness. It begins with you. We invite you to help us be that light for many by finding ways to spread goodness in your community, one act at a time.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Here are ways that you can be a part of what we’re doing to spread the goodness.

❤︎ Paying for car washes or people's gas at gas stations

❤︎ Pay someone a compliment

❤︎ Hold the door open for someone

❤︎ Let someone go in front of you in line

❤︎ Make a donation to the Giving Goodness Foundation®

❤︎ Purchase baby blankets and deliver to a hospital

❤︎ Pay for peoples meals at a fast food restaurant or hand out gift cards to pay for their meal as they enter into the restaurant

❤︎ Hand out Think Goodness Boom Cards to brighten someone's day (Park, shopping mall, gas station, parking lot)

❤︎ Pay someone’s rent for month

❤︎ Leave a “goodness” note on someone’s car reminding them that they are loved

❤︎ During the holidays, pay off or pay down someone's layaway bill

❤︎ Pay for multiple people's morning coffee in line behind you

❤︎ Deliver donuts or pizza's to a fire house

❤︎ Purchase and pass out flowers to brighten multiple peoples day

❤︎ Deliver bouquets of flowers to an assisted living facility

❤︎ Purchase and deliver $10.00 Starbucks gift cards include Think Goodness Boom cards to a hospital, as a thank you to nurses

❤︎ Pay for someone’s groceries

❤︎ Smile at someone

❤︎ Pay off a medical bill for someone

❤︎ Hand someone a note that tells them how much they are loved, appreciated and valued

❤︎ Deliver water to homeless

❤︎ Deliver brand new stuffed animals and books to a daycare

❤︎ Leave a big tip for your server at a restaurant

❤︎ Pay for another tables meal at a restaurant

❤︎ Purchase multiple store gift cards and hide for new moms in random baby items (formula, diapers, etc.) at grocery stores

Don’t forget to capture your Random Acts of Goodness™ on social media and tag @think.goodness + @givinggoodnessfoundation so we can see your ripple effect of goodness making a difference in the world.